Institutions utilizing Single Sign On (SSO) may bulk add faculty and staff into Collaboratory by importing them from a .csv file.


  • Importing faculty and staff into Collaboratory makes them accessible in the system before they first log in, so they may be added as Activity Leads and Partners.  
  • Bulk importing faculty and staff does not trigger email notifications from Collaboratory.  Members are only notified when they are requested to take action in Collaboratory (claim an activity, accept an invitation to partner, etc.).
  • Before an imported faculty or staff's initial login they will automatically be assigned a staff relationship to allow them to be added to activities as Leads and Partners.  When they first login to Collaboratory via SSO, their institutionally defined relationship (faculty and/or staff) will be captured and set.  
  • It is suggested institutions import only the faculty/staff who would be Activity Leads or Activity Partners in Collaboratory.  Importing an institution's entire faculty/staff directory will cause slower load times when faculty/staff are displayed in pop-out boxes (e.g. selecting an Activity Lead as a proxy, selecting a faculty/staff Partner on Step 2 of the activity form).
  • Due to the nature of students' relationship in Collaboratory (unable to own/partner on activities) it is suggested institutions do not import students in bulk.

How it Works

  1. Administrators should work with their institution to complete the Member Bulk Import Template.
  2. Once the .csv template has been completed, email it to your Collaboratory Customer Specialist.
  3. Our development team will make the magic happen! Once you submit the request form, your Customer Specialist will communicate with you about timelines and with any additional questions.
  4. Once the bulk import process is complete, those members will appear in your Collaboratory.

Formatting Guidelines for the .csv Import File

Complete the template with the following fields.  During the import process, we will match each column in your file to a field in our database.  We've provided example data to help you communicate field formats to your campus data managers who are helping you generate your Member export file.  Follow these guidelines to format each column in your file to get the best import results.

The following table defines each data point requested in the .csv template file (unless otherwise noted all fields are alphanumeric with no character number limitations)

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