Administrators can add Community Organizations in bulk to their institutions' Collaboratory.  When initially setting up your Collaboratory, it is suggested to import the most frequently identified Community Organizations your institution partners with to reduce future data entry for faculty and staff.  

How it Works

  1. Administrators should work to complete the Community Organization Bulk Import Template.  
  2. Once the .csv template has been completed, email it to your Treetop Commons Customer Specialist.
  3. Our development team will make the magic happen! Once you submit the template, your Customer Specialist will communicate with you about timelines and answer any additional questions.
  4. Once the bulk import process is complete, your Community Organizations will be available in your Collaboratory portal.

Formatting Guidelines for the .csv Import File

Complete the template with the following fields.  Maintain the column labels and order of columns.  This is critical to a successful upload.  During the import process, we will match each column in your file to a field in our database. We've provided example data to illustrate proper formatting. Follow these guidelines to format each column in your file to get the best import results.

TIP: This may be a good time to let your community partners know about Collaboratory and that they may receive alerts. Community Organizations will begin receiving emails when faculty and staff affiliate them with Activities. You may wish to more formally announce Collaboratory to those partners with whom you work most closely or most frequently, contextualizing the announcement within your institution's strategy for tracking and monitoring engagement and service. 

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