The Activity View roll bar illustrates workflow states of activity creation and publication in Collaboratory. These states guide members through the different activity workflows as the activity moves toward publication.  The Activity View roll bar is located at the top of the Activity View page.  As the activity progresses through the workflow states, the role bar will update to reflect the activity's changing status and actions members may take.  

Within each activity, members have a specific roll which determines the messaging they see and the actions they are allowed to take.  The rolls are:

  • Administrator
  • Activity Lead / Activity Owner
  • Faculty/Staff Partner
  • Proxy

The workflow states of an activity include:

  • Published - Activity is public in Collaboratory.  It can be edited at anytime by the owner, partner(s), and/or Administrator(s).
  • Pending Publication - The Activity has been submitted for publication.  It is awaiting moderation by a portal Administrator.
  • Awaiting Portal Submission - Activity is in a draft state and awaiting submission to the portal by the Activity Lead and/or Proxy.  If the activity is Proxied, the Activity Lead has claimed the activity.

  • Queued Lead - Proxied activity has queued an Activity Lead, but the proxy has not yet submitted the activity to the Activity Lead to claim.

  • Pending Claim - Proxied activity has been submitted to the queued Activity Lead to claim by the proxy.  The queued Activity Lead has not yet accepted the claim to own the activity.
  • Draft - Proxied Activity does not yet have an identified Activity Lead.
  • Pending Partnership - Activity is waiting for a Faculty/Staff partner to accept the invitation to partner.

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