Faculty and Staff members may be associated with an Activity in 2 ways: as an Activity Lead or as a Faculty/Staff Partner.  Both Activity Leads and Faculty/Staff Partners are identified in Step 2 of Activity creation.

Activity Leads

The Activity Lead owns the Activity.  For an Activity to be published and publicly visible, it must have an identified and accepted Activity Lead.  If an Activity is proxied on behalf of the Activity Lead, the Activity cannot be submitted for moderation by either the Activity Lead or proxy until the Activity Lead has claimed it.

Faculty/Staff Partners

Faculty/Staff Partners are identified by either the Activity Lead or proxy as collaborators during Activity creation.  Once the Faculty/Staff Partner accepts the invitation to partner they may edit the Activity.  The Activity will appear on the Faculty/Staff Partner's profile once it is published.

Status of Activity Leads and Faculty/Staff Partners

If an Activity Lead identifies a Faculty/Staff Partner during Activity creation, the status of the Faculty/Staff Partner within Step 2 will be listed as "Pending" until the Faculty/Staff accepts the invitation to partner.

If a proxy creates an Activity on behalf of an Activity Lead, the status of the Activity Lead will appear in Step 2 and Step 6 of Activity creation and have one of the following designations:

  • Accepted - the Activity Lead has approved the proxy's request to assign them as Activity Lead.  The activity may be submitted for moderation by either the Activity Lead or proxy, when all required fields are complete.
  • Queued - the Activity Lead has been identified by the proxy, but has not yet accepted.  The Activity Lead will be notified that they have been selected to serve as the Activity Lead once the proxy submits the Activity to the Lead for review.

If the designated Activity Lead denies the proxy's request to serve as Activity Lead, they will be removed from the proxied activity in both Step 2 and Step 6.

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