Collaboratory collects many data points - some of which are made available to the public via search, and others which are kept private for administrative use by the institution only.

As you provide content, privacy indicators next to each field in Collaboratory will notify you of whether that information will be shared publicly or if it is collected for internal administrative use only. Some data points provide Members with the option to either hide or display the information publicly (e.g., contact information).

Any information you provide in Collaboratory (whether public or private) will be accessible by your institution's Collaboratory Administrator.

Once you contribute content, it must be reviewed and approved by a Moderator before it is made publicly viewable and searchable. This protects both you and the institution. It allows the institution to verify that the content you submitted is appropriate for Collaboratory and that the information that will be publicly available is not inappropriate in any way. It also allows Administrators to "keep their finger on the pulse" - by reviewing content submissions, Administrators have access to new and current information that can be used in a variety of ways at the institution.

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