Collaboratory was created as a reporting tool for an institution's Faculty and Staff. Any employee of the institution may register for Collaboratory, contribute Activities, and have them publicly displayed as part of their Profile.

Faculty and Staff may invite Students to contribute Activities on their behalf as a Proxy. This means that students may register for a Collaboratory account and contribute Activities they completed under the supervision of a Faculty or Staff member. Once the Activity is claimed by the Faculty or Staff member, it becomes part of the Faculty or Staff member's portfolio, though the Student may continue to edit and submit the Activity on behalf of the Faculty or Staff member.  The Student retains the ability to edit the activity and submit it for moderation until it is made public.  No personal information about students is shared publicly.

Collaboratory does not allow Students to have Profiles or contribute their own Activities to their own portfolio (Institutions seeking to manage student engagement may consider our companion product, NobleHour).

Faculty and Staff may identify Community Organizations in Collaboratory as either Community Partners or Community Participants in Activities. Faculty and Staff are asked to provide some basic information about the Community Organization, which becomes publicly available in a Community Organization Profile. When an organization is affiliated with an Activity, it will receive an email notification.

Collaboratory does not allow Community Organizations to register for an account and manage their Organization Profiles. This is for several reasons:

We want to minimize the time members of the community spend updating content. The experiences of our Beta Campuses suggested that Community Organizations appreciated the public recognition of their collaboration with the institution, but they did not wish to maintain their own data in a database that was not integral to their daily operations. They can contact the institution's Collaboratory Administrator at any time to request changes.

It makes data maintenance easier and simpler for the institution. Staff at Community Organizations may change frequently, creating orphaned accounts in the Collaboratory with outdated information.

Community Organizations are publicly acknowledged as part of Activities and notified via email each time they are identified as part of an Activity. The Community Organizations listed as Community Partners in Community Engagement Activities will also receive an annual survey via email that will ask them to provide feedback on their satisfaction with the partnership and its impact on their Organization.

Collaboratory also allows faculty and staff to share information about their interests and community-based work through a Personal Profile.

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