Collaboratory is designed so faculty and staff can quickly, efficiently and thoroughly enter their information one time and can periodically update, as needed.  The first time you create an Activity you may also need to enter information about your collaborators, and/or a course. All of these processes require you to enter specific data to describe the what, when, where, and who of your Activity. Where possible, multi-select options make entering responses easy and help to organize and standardize data across your institution.

A small asterisk indicates fields which require completion. While you may skip over non-required fields, entering the most data you can about your Activity will enable others to learn about your work via searches. You are invited to contribute examples of evaluations you collect, or a photo of the Activity. Taking the time to do that will ensure others at your institution become aware of the important work you are doing.

Some of the information Collaboratory requests includes:

  • Activity Title, a brief description, contact information, and location
  • Collaborators (institutional units, faculty/staff partners, community partners, and other institutions of higher education)
  • Populations served (urban communities, youth, etc.) and areas of focus (education, health and wellness, community and economic development, etc.)
  • Connected scholarship, courses, and student involvement
  • Outputs, institutional outcomes, and community impacts

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