Sometimes circumstances such as employee turnover result in the transition of community engagement and public service activities from one person to another. In the event that you need to change an Activity's ownership, this can be accomplished via the Activity edit flow.

  1. View the Activity for which ownership needs to be changed, and select Actions | Edit.
  2. Navigate to Step 2 of the Activity -- the current Activity Lead and Faculty/Staff Partners should be listed under Faculty/Staff.
  3. Ensure that the individual you wish to transfer ownership of the Activity to is listed as a Faculty/Staff Partner (you may need to either select their name from the modal, or invite them to register for Collaboratory if they have not yet joined).
  4. Select the Trash Can next to the name of the person you wish to remove from the Activity. All published Activities must have at least one Faculty/Staff Partner identified at all times, so you must be sure to add the new owner before removing the previous one.
  5. Navigate to Step 6 and Submit the Activity. Once the Activity is submitted, the individuals who were removed will no longer have ownership of or edit access to that Activity. 


  • Anyone identified as a Faculty/Staff Partner on an Activity currently has equal rights and access to edit/manage that Activity. 
  • Both Collaboratory Administrators and current Activity Leads can complete this task.
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