Data collection efforts are often judged on their usefulness. Help diverse stakeholders see value in Collaboratory data and keep them coming back for more!

Help Faculty & Staff use their data

  • Remind them that key stakeholders both at the institution and in the community will be directed to Collaboratory, so it's important that they keep their information up to date. They could be scouted for funding, collaborators or a marketing spotlight!
  • Suggest that Collaboratory data be used as evidence in promotion and tenure dossiers.
  • Model how to use Collaboratory to find collaborators in other Units at the institution who may be a good partner for their engaged teaching, research, or service. 

Use data for Awards & Recognition

Ensure that those who complete applications/assessments at your institution are aware of what data Collaboratory collects.

Become familiar with the most common community engagement surveys or assessment processes, the questions that will be asked, and how Collaboratory might contribute to their completion:

Work with Institutional Research

  • Identify the best times to run reports on Collaboratory data, and how it can be of use to Offices of Institutional Research and other administrative offices. 

Clarify and post your internal process

Clearly articulate data request processes so that stakeholders from both campus and community know how to make requests for Collaboratory-related data.

  • Remind inquirers that anyone may use the Search feature, which provides a filtered list of results, satisfying many needs.
  • If a data synthesis is required, a Collaboratory Administrator must provide that at his/her discretion. 

Consider community stakeholders

  • Identify a process by which your institution will be able to leverage Collaboratory information to assist the community.
  • Task one person or office with answering questions from the community. Inform the right people to make sure that community inquiries are received and addressed.

Share your ideas and best practices

  • Your feedback will assist TreeTop to refine Collaboratory.
  • Your feedback will be shared with other Collaboratory institutions to support their efforts to build community engagement.
  • Get in touch with us.

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