Once you have launched your Collaboratory -- doing the hard work of introducing it on and off campus, helping get it branded and populated -- you may switch to a mode of ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and communications processes to keep Collaboratory at the forefront of your institution's key initiatives.  You will still need to think of ways to introduce Collaboratory, expanding the number who populate Collaboratory, and encourage use of the data.  Here are some key processes to follow.

Administer Collaboratory

  • Set aside time each day or week to review submissions to Collaboratory. Be aware of busier times of year (i.e., right after you send reminder emails) and allow more time.
  • Connect regularly with co-Administrators to ensure good communication among those assuming similar tasks.
  • At the beginning of each term, identify dates when you want to send out reminders about updating or creating Activity records.

Share stories!

  • Encourage Units to link to their Collaboratory landing page to spotlight Activities facilitated by their faculty and staff.
  • Use your institution's Collaboratory website to feature stories and reports that have been generated as a result of data collected in Collaboratory.
  • Select featured Activities for your portal homepage that align with ongoing events or initiatives (e.g., Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week).
  • Forward a story to Collaboratory's blog, an ideal place to inspire others in their use of the database. Send to Kristin Medlin.

Expand Users

Promote Collaboratory in a variety of institutional communications.

  • Consider attending key meetings with deans, department chairs, or advisory council members.
  • Make sure key stakeholders (e.g., marketing/communications, advancement, and research) know of Collaboratory's value, and ask them to serve as advocates when they interact with their own stakeholders.
  • Include a Collaboratory introduction in new faculty and staff orientations.

Which units have not yet entered any data? Think of ways include/invite all units that have community engagement or public service initiatives.

Revisit the templates to craft messages that may be helpful now.

Invite Other Higher Education Institutions to Join Collaboratory

With which institutions would you like to compare data, or address community issues?

Become aware of patterns as you learn with and from each other:

  • Are there areas in community with needs, but no institutions are involved?
  • Are there similar strategies being used where collaboration could make efforts even more effective?

Read the Blog

  • Our blog will feature highlights of institutions using Collaboratory, as well as other related topics.

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