Once you have Introduced Collaboratory internally, introduce it to your community(ies).

Get support from related offices

Talk to your Public Relations or Marketing department about how to announce Collaboratory to external audiences.

  • Once your Collaboratory is live and foundational Activities have been populated, issue a press release or special email.
  • Discuss how to integrate Collaboratory information into relevant sections of the institution's website.

Ask IT to post a link to Collaboratory on the institution's main website.

Announce to key community organizations

Send an email to key community leaders and networks. Consider nonprofit consortiums, foundations, coalitions, and alliances. 

Let them know how Collaboratory may be a benefit.

  • They can get to know how your institution is already connecting to the community.  
  • They may come up with additional ways they would like to be connecting with the institution.

Let them know when they might be featured in Collaboratory.

  • When you create a Community Organization in Collaboratory, that is only visible to those who log in.
  • When a Member associates a Community Organization with an Activity, that Organization receives an automated alert.  Informing them now that this may occur prevents surprises the first time they receive this alert.

Be prepared for inquiries from the community.  

  • The phone number included on your Collaboratory homepage may be the first place they go.  Ensure the person who answers is prepared to provide additional information or direct callers to the right person.

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