The "Silence All Email Alerts" feature silences all email alerts that are normally sent to faculty, staff, students, and community organizations. This is most helpful at onboarding, when Administrators are pre-populating content prior to launching Collaboratory at their institution. 

By default, this feature is disabled, so email alerts will be sent out. To temporarily silence all email alerts, access your Collaboratory's settings.

  1. Navigate to the Administration Panel.
  2. Select Settings in the header.
  3. Next, select Access.
  4. To silence all email alerts, slide the toggle from disabled to enabled.

IMPORTANT: While alerts are silenced (i.e., the feature is enabled), no emails will be sent to faculty/staff, students, or community organizations and these emails will not accumulate for sending once alerts are re-enabled. For this reason, consider what alerts will need to be sent manually through other means for any content that was created while this setting was enabled.

Tip: If you silenced email alerts while pre-populating Collaboratory prior to launching it to faculty and staff, consider sending a special email to those identified as a part of this process. Communicate to faculty and staff that they were specifically chosen to be highlighted at the launch, and provide instructions for how they can log-in to Collaboratory and claim any content that might have been created on their behalf. 

Tip: In addition to onboarding, consider silencing email alerts at the end of each semester when you may be doing substantial editing or organizing of content. 

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