Your institution's Collaboratory homepage is customizable, allowing Administrators to provide logo and banner images.

To access your Collaboratory's settings, navigate to the Administration Panel.

  1. Select Settings in the header.
  2. Select the Appearance tab.
  3. Administrators may select images for the logo and banner by selecting Change Logo and Change Banner. This will activate the Asset Manager.
  4. Select the "+" symbol to upload a new image into the Asset Manager. Select an image from your computer to upload. Be sure that your logo and banner are a .jpg, or .png file, and that your banner conforms to the articulated requirements.
  5. You may choose to rename the image by selecting "Rename" within the Asset Manager.  Giving the image a clear, concise name helps individuals using screen readers more easily recognize the image.
  6. Once your image is uploaded, select it from the left-hand side of the Asset Manager.

This will allow you to edit the logo or banner in the right-hand side of the Asset Manager. Click and Drag on the right-hand logo or banner to crop it. Note that you must crop the image before you are able to save it.

Once you are satisfied with your crop dimensions, select Save. 

Once you have uploaded a logo image and a banner image, these will be visible on your institution's Collaboratory homepage.

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