Institutional Partners are most often created by Members when they contribute Activities, but Administrators are able to manage Institutional Partners in their institution's Collaboratory from the Administration Panel. Sometimes an institution may wish to pre-populate foundational Institutional Partners to facilitate quick entry by Members. 

Managing Institutional Partners

  1. Navigate to the Administration Panel.
  2. Select External in the header, then select Institutional Partners from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select the Info button in the left-hand column of the table to see additional information and options for each Institutional Partner.
  4. From the View popover, Administrators can View, Archive, or Delete the Institutional Partner. 
  5. Administrators can add new Institutional Partners which will be made available to faculty and staff during Activity creation. Select the green New button in the top right-hand corner of the table.
  6. Provide the requested information and select Done.

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