Alert Welcoming New Members

Once a faculty or staff member at your institution logs into Collaboratory for the first time, they receive this message.

Alert When Submitting Content

When a Collaboratory Member contributes an Activity or Course, they will receive an alert similar to the one below.

Alert to Faculty/Staff Partners

Faculty and staff that are identified as a partner when someone else creates an Activity will receive the email below.

Alert When a Contribution is Denied

When the Administrator or Moderator denies an Activity or Course that has been submitted for review, the Activity Owner receives an email similar to the one below.  The form on which the Administrator or Moderator checks whether they approve or deny a submission also allows them to insert the reason.

Alert to Administrator/Moderator When Content is Contributed

When a Collaboratory Member submits an Activity or Course, your institution's Collaboratory Administrators and Moderators will receive an alert similar to the one below.

Alert to Community Organizations and Institutional Partners

When an Activity is approved, the activity-specific primary contact identified for the community organization and/or institutional partner will receive an email letting them know they are associated with an Activity in your Collaboratory.  

Alert to Claim Content

A version of this alert is sent to an Owner when a Proxy creates an Activity or course on their behalf.

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