Administrators identify and populate your institution's unique Strategic Programs/Initiatives during Collaboratory setup so that they are available to Members during Activity creation. Members can tag Activities according to Administrator-identified institutional programs and initiatives that are deemed important enough to track against.

Adding a New Strategic Program/Initiative

  1. Navigate to the Administration Panel.
  2. Select Internal in the header, then select Strategic Programs/Initiatives from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select the green New button in the top right corner of the table to add a new Strategic Program/Initiative. Complete a form for each initiative entered into Collaboratory.

Think about your priorities

Consider which programs and initiatives are priorities to your institution - is it important to know that an Activity is connected to the Strategic Plan or Quality Enhancement Plan? What about key programs through which engagement and service occur, such as community-based research grant programs, scholarship programs, or service day programs? 

By identifying these programs and initiatives, they will become available to your institution's Faculty and Staff during Activity creation. When Administrators run reports, they will be able to query all Activities connected to a particular Strategic Program/Initiative, which can be useful for a variety of institutional reporting needs. 

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