Administrators are responsible for managing Members in their institution's Collaboratory. Only Faculty, Staff, and Students at your institution should have Member accounts.  

If your users log into Collaboratory through your campus server (SSO) using their institutional credentials, then their relationship(s) is identified via that authentication process and cannot be manually changed by an Administrator. 

If your users log into Collaboratory through the manual registration process, then Administrators can update users' relationships via the table present in Administration | Internal | Members.  Administrators might need to edit users' relationship if a user incorrectly identifies themselves when creating an account.   

Managing Members

  1. Navigate to the Administration Panel.
  2. Select Internal in the header, then select Members from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select the Info button in the right-hand column of the table to see additional information and options for each Member. From the View popover, Administrators can see key information about that Member, and update a Member's role, archive a Member, or remove a Member. 

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