Faculty are encouraged to track Activities related to community-based and community-engaged courses (e.g., service-learning, internships, clinicals, practicas, project-based courses).  

When students enter into Collaboratory their course-based Activities, they become associated with the Faculty of record, who can then share when describing their teaching (e.g., for a promotion and tenure portfolio). The Institution also becomes more aware of the extent and kinds of service across the curriculum.

Not only can Faculty access this invitation from the Help Center, but Portal Administrators may also choose to send the email below to Faculty, or to departments and offices, or to the institution’s service-learning coordinator, reminding them to integrate into their syllabi a request to include Activities into Collaboratory.


Subject: Track your students’ course-based community engagement and public service

From: [Portal Administrator]

[institution name] uses Collaboratory, a secure web-based platform, to assist faculty and staff to document their community engagement and public service activities. We are interested in tracking all community engagement, including the ways in which students engage in and with community through their courses (e.g., service-learning, internships, project-based courses, practicas). Data related to these experiences can provide evidence of your teaching that may contribute to your portfolio, and to institutional understanding of our community engagement.

We encourage you to use Collaboratory to capture your students course-related activities. 

It’s easy! If your course requires that students identify their own community-based activity (i.e., a community partner, a project), Collaboratory can be the place in which they report all related details and associate that work with you. Consider including an assignment in your course that requires your students to report their activities in Collaboratory. You can insert the  paragraph below into your syllabus to formalize the process so students understand what is expected of them, and the process is manageable for you.

Report on your course-based community engagement

Students in [course name or number] need to submit their course-required community-based activities in Collaboratory, our institution's software application that organizes all community engagement and public service. You can enter your activity any time after you have identified your partner, and the work you will do with them.

  • Go to [institution's Collaboratory url]
  • Log-in
  • You will see the option for Students to Proxy Activities.  Select.
  • Since your Activity is associated with this class, enter [faculty member's name] and [faculty member's email] when prompted. Including this information ensures that I will receive your entry, and can review it before posting it in the public Collaboratory.
  • Enter as much information as you can related to your Activity.  
  • You should only have to enter your data once during the semester.  I encourage you to do that early, so if you have questions you can talk to me, and then return to include more information.
  • You have the ability to edit your Activity until you hit Submit.  At that time I will receive an alert to review and approve your submission.
  • Once approved, your Activity will appear on our Collaboratory portal, becoming viewable and searchable by anyone who has the url.

Your name is not visible in Collaboratory, but is associated with the faculty of record.

Once students submit their Activities, you will receive a notification in Collaboratory asking you to review and approve. Once approved, their Activities will be linked to your personal profile, and will serve as useful examples of the Activities students complete under your supervision.

I would be happy to talk with you about the benefits or logistics of this process. We hope you will consider sharing this tool with your students.


[Portal Administrator]

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