While you might rely on a press release to reach some members of the community, consider sending an email to nonprofit consortiums, foundations, coalitions, and alliances that may benefit from knowing of your institution's engagement, including key community partners that will be included in Activities.

This template is also helpful if you've chosen to silence email alerts during on boarding - consider sending this announcement to community organizations that were connected to early Activities, but may not have received the alert during the time alerts were silenced.

Use the template below as a guide for your own announcement.  

subject line: [name of institution] launches Collaboratory!
from: [Portal Administrator]

[institution-name] is excited to announce that we are now using Collaboratory to organize and report all of our community engagement activities.  As a valued community partner, we want to introduce you to how this tool will be of benefit to you and your organization.

All faculty and staff involved in institution-related community engagement and public service are invited to contribute their activities to Collaboratory.  They may report activities associated with their teaching, research and service. This will help [name of institution] centralize this invaluable information, and allow us to integrate it into related reports. 

Community members can access the public website at [he.cecollaboratory.com/______].  We invite you to review existing institutional activities.  You can search for a topic or issue, organizations involved, faculty and staff engaged, and courses connected to activities.

If you are working on an Activity with a faculty or staff person at [name of institution], your organization may be included in Collaboratory when that Activity is entered.  You will receive an email making you aware it has posted.  We encourage you to share the Collaboratory url with your constituencies so that they know of your work with [name of institution].

In future we look forward to using Collaboratory to help us identify ways in which we might deepen collaboration, coordinate efforts, and seek new ways to contribute to community efforts.  I look forward to more broadly sharing the work we do together while increasing opportunities for our community and addressing its greatest challenges.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


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