Each year on June 30th, Collaboratory takes a behind-the-scenes snapshot of faculty and staff Activities. We are working to provide an adjustable timestamp date that Administrators can control, and to make these snapshots available for review, which allow the institution to understand how Activities change and grow over time (e.g., were additional institutional or community partners added? Did the number of people served by the activity continue to grow? Was there additional funding support?).

At the end of each academic year or semester, the Portal Administrator can send this email to faculty and staff who have active records in Collaboratory to notify them of the upcoming academic year mark and encourage them to make any final changes to their current academic years’ Activities. 

subject line: Update your Collaboratory activities before June 30th!from: Portal Administrator

Thank you for sharing your [academic-year] community engagement and public service activities in Collaboratory at [institution-name]. On June 30th our Collaboratory will be taking a snapshot of all Activities to represent [institution-name]'s collective work this Academic Year.

Please review and update your Activities for the current academic year prior to June 30th. You may still want to include:

  • Achieved Outputs or Outcomes
  • An Evaluation strategy you used
  • The name of another Community Partner or Faculty/Staff Collaborator

Log-in [link to Collaboratory log in screen] to review your current activities!

After June 30th, no changes can be made to activity or course data for this academic year. Your activities will still be publicly viewable and searchable [link to explore tab] in Collaboratory and accessible via your personal dashboard as long as they remain active!

Questions? The [office name] manages your Collaboratory. Contact us at [office-email]!

Thank you,
The Collaboratory Team at [institution-name]

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