At the beginning of the new academic year or semester, the Portal Administrator can send this email to faculty and staff who are Members of Collaboratory with previous Activities inviting them to refresh their information for the upcoming year.  

subject line: Update your Activities in Collaboratory!from: Portal Administrator

Welcome back! We are excited about this new [academic year] [semester], and your participation in community engagement and public service activities at [institution-name]!

Will you please assist us in keeping our activity information up to date in Collaboratory?  We have taken a snapshot of all your activities from the previous academic year to maintain an accurate annual inventory of current community-university activities, and to provide information for research and reporting purposes.

We invite you to update your existing, ongoing Activities to reflect any new information (e.g., recent changes to community collaborators, focus areas, outcomes, etc.). If nothing has changed, you may disregard this email. We hope that you will continue to update your information in Collaboratory as your work evolves!

Log-in [link to Collaboratory log in screen] to update/add your activities for this [academic year] [semester].

Questions?The [office-name] manages your Collaboratory. Contact us at [office-email]!

Thank you,
The Collaboratory Team at [institution-name]

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