At the beginning of each academic year, the Portal Administrator can send an email inviting new contributions to Collaboratory.  S/he may target new faculty and staff, or use this as a general reminder to the campus community about Collaboratory.  

Subject: Share your community engagement and public service today!
From: Portal Administrator

Community engagement and public service remain essential components of our mission at [institution-name].  In order to understand the full extent to which we are accomplishing goals related to our work in and with our community, [institution-name] uses Collaboratory, a secure web-based platform, to assist all of our faculty and staff to document their activities.  

Collaboratory connects campus-wide information about and support for community engagement and public service relationships, resources, activities, and outcomes.  This tool allows us to provide our external constituencies with a publicly viewable and searchable database of all our community engagement and public service activities, helping them to understand the depth of our work and partnerships.  With all institutional community engagement organized in one database, related data will be more readily accessible for reporting, grant writing, and accreditation purposes -- and to deepen and strengthen our efforts. You can learn more about our institution’s Collaboratory here [link to Collaboratory public/info/home screen].  

We invite you to join Collaboratory today. Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions.

Thank you,
The Collaboratory Team at [institution-name]


You may choose to add to the above email:

  • Statistics from a previous year’s data collection to demonstrate the impact in which they could participate.
  • A reminder of the support for Collaboratory from your executive leadership.
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