The Portal Administrator can each year (or semester) introduce new faculty and staff to Collaboratory,  inviting their contributions. The invitation could be sent to all new faculty and staff, and might also target other faculty and staff that have not yet contributed.   

subject line: Get started with Collaboratory

from: [Portal Administrator]

Welcome to [name of institution]! All faculty and staff involved in institution-related community engagement and public service are invited to contribute their activities to Collaboratory at [name of institution]. We need your participation as we seek to generate the most comprehensive understanding of engagement at [name of institution]!

I encourage you to review Collaboratory [your institution’s Collaboratory link] to see how it is being used here.  Faculty and staff are using it to report any community engagement or public service associated with their teaching, research and service. You can organize your community-based activities in one location while also helping to centralize this invaluable information for our institution. Learn more about the benefits of participation here.

Collaboratory is easy for you to use -- to get started, register at [your institution’s Collaboratory link]. Once you have registered, you can create a personal profile, and then begin contributing community engagement and/or public service activities. You only need to enter your data once per semester.

I am the portal Administrator for [institution name]’s Collaboratory. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 



You may choose to:

  • Include a copy of any email your Executive Leadership sent announcing the institution's adopting of Collaboratory and the importance of this effort.
  • Offer to provide a brief personal introduction to Collaboratory.
  • Share how Collaboratory may be of particular benefit to them, or some ways in which you have seen faculty and staff use it.
  • Highlight some notable activities.
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