This institution-wide email can be sent to all faculty/staff/administrators announcing Collaboratory’s arrival at your institution. Since Collaboratory is intended to be an institution-wide endeavor, consider asking the President, Provost or most relevant administrator to edit and send out this formal announcement encouraging participation by all, and introducing how Collaboratory will be utilized to further your institution’s community engagement and public service strategy.

subject line: Introducing Collaboratory at [institution-name] or Tracking Community Engagement and Public Service at [institution-name]

from: The President/Chancellor or Provost

Community engagement and public service remain essential components of our mission at [institution-name].  In order to understand the full extent to which we are accomplishing goals related to our work in and with community, [institution-name] will be using Collaboratory, a secure web-based platform, to assist all of our faculty and staff to document their activities.

Collaboratory connects campus-wide information about community engagement and public service relationships, resources, activities, and outcomes.  External constituencies will be able to access a publicly viewable and searchable database of all related activities, helping them to understand the depth of our work and partnerships.

With all institutional community engagement organized in one database, data will be more readily accessible for reporting, grant writing, and accreditation purposes -- and to deepen and strengthen our efforts. It is essential that if you are involved in any institutional community engagement efforts, that you enter your data.  We want to connect your work with the right units at the institution, and acknowledge that work publicly. Collaboratory and the systems we are establishing will make this an easy, quick process. You can learn more about our institution’s Collaboratory here: [link to Collaboratory public/info/home screen]

Collaboratory is the first software of its kind offered to higher education institutions. We anticipate the opportunity to understand high impact and quality community engagement as, ultimately, researchers review collected data and help us, and all participating institutions, implement best practices.

[name of Core Administrator for your institution] has been asked to serve as our Collaboratory’s administrator. Look for an email from [him/her] that will provide you with more information about Collaboratory, as well as with details about how you can contribute. If you have any questions, please contact [him/her] at [administrator’s e-mail].

Community engagement is a critical part of our mission, and together we can strengthen our our efforts. To that end, we appreciate your participation in populating our Collaboratory.  

Thank you,

[Signature of President/Chancellor or Provost]

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