Your institution's Core Administrator oversees Collaboratory, thinking strategically about how best to manage and delegate required day-to-day operations. One or two additional co-administrators ensure that the load does not fall to only one person, that there can be coverage even when one is absent, and may facilitate a quicker implementation. There are a number of things to keep in mind as you determine how many Administrators and Moderators to recruit and equip.

Institutional Size

Consider the number of faculty and staff that will be using Collaboratory. Since Collaboratory requires Moderators and Administrators to review content  submitted by members, it is important to have enough support to do that in a timely way.

Speed of Implementation

How quickly do you plan to introduce Collaboratory? A slow, controlled rollout may allow for only one additional Administrator who assists in reviewing content and managing Collaboratory. However, if you are planning an immediate institution-wide implementation, you may need choose to recruit two additional Administrators.


Do you plan to respond to member requests immediately, or can they wait a few days or weeks? If you are comfortable with responding to alerts and requests for action more slowly, you may only need to identify one additional Administrators and a few Moderators.

Identifying Co-Administrators 

We recommend recruiting no more than three additional Administrators to help manage implementation since  efforts to oversee your institution's portal will need to be coordinated amongst them. While multiple Administrators may help with the workload, each will receive all alerts and have the ability to accept or decline submissions, as well as generate reports.

This is an exciting, while potentially large, responsibility. Ensure that the faculty, staff or student you recruit as Administrator appreciates the institution's goals and plans for Collaboratory and the need to work closely with the Core Administrator; will respond quickly and consistently; and will assume responsibility to protect the integrity of your Collaboratory.

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