What does Collaboratory Collect?

Activities are Collaboratory's unit of analysis. Faculty, staff, and their proxies submit information (e.g., description, locations, populations served, areas of focus, numbers of students/hours) about their community engagement and public service activities and collaborations supporting them:

  • Institutional departments, offices, or centers
  • Community organizations
  • Other faculty and staff
  • Other higher education institutions

Any Activity that has an element of engaging with the community can be contributed to Collaboratory. Collaboratory utilizes a decision tree (i.e., series of questions) to determine an Activity's fit to Collaboratory and then to categorize the Activity as Community Engagement or Public Service. The questions, derived from research and best practices in higher education community engagement, clarify key distinctions between community engagement and public service, allowing Collaboratory to direct users to the best form in which to enter their data.

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