Member Home is your personal workspace in Collaboratory. To access Member Home, select My Content in the top left corner of the top navigation. In the bottom left corner of the dropdown, select Member Home. 

From Member Home, you will see an overview of your Collaboratory memberships, and any content that is in progress or that has been submitted. You will know when you are in your Member Home by the Collaboratory logo in the top left corner and the burgundy color in the top navigation.

Member Home contains Track, which helps Members review the status of and manage their content submissions and invitations.

Member Home also contains Account, which helps Members manage their Collaboratory account information.

There are two ways to quickly navigate back to your institution's Collaboratory Portal at any time:

  1. Select Collaboratory Home or My Collaboratory Profile under your profile image.
  2. From the top right corner of the top navigation, select My Account and then Institutional Profile.
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