Login to Collaboratory

Most institutions have Collaboratory portals that prompt faculty, staff, and students to login through the campus's server. In this instance, you will use your everyday campus credentials to access Collaboratory. These Collaboratory portals will display a custom log in page unique to the institution.

If you signed up using the Collaboratory registration process, then you will log in using the username and password you identified at registration.

To log into Collaboratory, select Log In from the top right corner of the header, type in your username and password, and select Log In.

Sign Out of Collaboratory

  1. To sign out of Collaboratory, select My Account from the top right corner of the header.
  2. Select Sign Out

Note that if you log into your Collaboratory through your campus server (SSO) using your institutional credentials, clicking the logout link and/or closing all open browser windows may be sufficient for logging out of your institutional authentication server. However, certain institutional settings may keep you logged in. To ensure your logout is successful, clear your cache and cookies, and then close your browser.

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