There are three roles that can be assigned to users in Collaboratory:

  • When a faculty, staff, or student registers for Collaboratory they become a Member. Members contribute content (i.e., Activities, Community Organizations, Courses) that must be approved by a Moderator or Administrator. They may also edit content associated with Activities and Courses with which they are affiliated, alongside the content owner. All Members have a Member Home where they can view the status of their efforts. Faculty/Staff Members can also edit their Profile which ensures their work is publicly viewable and searchable.
  • Moderators can review and approve or deny content submitted by other Members. Any content a Moderator creates is automatically approved.
  • Administrators can complete all the tasks of Moderators, as well as manage Collaboratory Units, Strategic Programs and Initiatives, and portal-wide settings.


Permissions and access levels in Collaboratory are tied to your role. Permissions are cascading, meaning that if you are a Moderator, you also have all the permissions of a Member, and if you are an Administrator, you also have all the permissions of a Moderator and a Member.

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