Students can proxy Activities on behalf of faculty and staff members.

Step 1: Select an Activity Lead

  1. From your Collaboratory homepage, select Proxy Activity under the Students box.
  2. Select Be the Proxy.
  3. To identify the Intended Activity Lead prior to entering Activity data, select Select next to Intended Activity Lead. You can also choose to enter Activity data first and identify the Intended Activity Lead prior to submission. To do this, select Continue and Invite Later.
  4. Select an existing Faculty or Staff Member from the modal to identify them as the Intended Activity Lead. Selecting the bullseye will display that member's institutional profile in a new browser window for quick review. 

If you do not see the individual for which you are looking, select Don't see them? Invite to register in the top right corner of the modal.

Provide the name and email of the faculty or staff member you wish to invite and select Invite. This will close the modal and send an email invitation to that individual. You may continue to enter Activity data and add the Activity Lead prior to submission, after they have joined.  Once that individual joins Collaboratory and officially appears in the modal, you will be able to queue them as the Activity Lead in Step 6.

Step 2: Create your Activity

  1. Once you have identified the intended Activity Lead or choose to identify later, select Create Activity.
  2. You will be asked a series of questions to categorize the Activity you are creating as either community engagement or public service. Select the Begin button.
  3. After your Activity is categorized, you will be taken through 6 sections of questions culminating with your e-signature.
  4. We recognize that a Proxy may not know all the information required to submit an Activity. For this reason, Student Proxies can submit Activities to the Faculty/Staff Owner without completing all required fields. When the Activity Lead receives the proxied Activity, they will complete all remaining required fields.
  5. On Step 6 of the Activity, review the Faculty/Staff Owner's contact information, sign your name, and select Submit. This will send a notification to the Activity Lead that an Activity has been created for them.

As Proxy, you retain rights over the Activity until the Activity is published.  When the Activity Lead claims the Activity, as a Proxy you then have the ability to submit the Activity directly to the portal for moderation and publication.  If you choose to submit for publication on behalf of the Activity Lead after the Activity Lead has claimed it, as a Proxy you must complete all required fields.  

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