Students are Collaboratory Members who have been invited to contribute content as a Proxy for a Faculty or Staff Member. They may also be given permission by their portal Administrator to assist with administrative tasks as Moderators or Administrators.

Since Activities a student participates in or pursues while at a higher education institution are generally guided by a Faculty or Staff person -- perhaps as part of a class or research effort, or as integral to a co-curricular organization -- Collaboratory affiliates Activities with a Faculty and/or Staff ensuring an institutional connection to the work even after students depart.

What if I'm a graduate student teaching courses?

Sometimes institutions will hire graduate students to teach courses. In these instances, students can add their own Activities as long as they reflect work that was supervised in their instructor role at the institution.

Currently, institutions must have SSO authentication enabled, and the relationship for these students provided by the institution must also include "employee". For more information, contact

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