What Content is Moderated?

Any new content (Activities, Courses, Organizations) submitted by Collaboratory Members must be reviewed and approved by a Moderator before it is made public. This protects the institution and ensures that data being shared publicly is not offensive or derogatory. It also allows Moderators to "keep their finger on the pulse" of engagement and service activities at the institution for inclusion in various initiatives.

Moderation is required only on new content creation. If content is revised that has already been approved and made public, it will not be required to undergo moderation again.

How to Moderate Content

Moderators can review and approve content via the Moderator Panel. They can also find moderation alerts via their Alerts megadrop.

Content that is pending moderation will be available for review to all Moderators at an institution.

Step 1: View Content

  1. To moderate content, select the View icon in the right-hand column of the table.
  2. This will activate the Moderation window.

Step 2: Moderate Content

From here, moderators can:

  • Review the content submission by clicking on the linked title in the header (this will open a new window for review)
  • If reviewing Activities, Moderators can elect to Feature an Activity on their institution's Collaboratory homepage
  • Review the submission history
  • Approve or Deny the submission, providing comments if applicable

Once a piece of content has been moderated, it will be removed from the Moderation queue and added to Moderation History. The Moderator will see a confirmation message that the content was successfully moderated, and the content Owner will receive an email notification of approval or denial. If the content was denied by the Moderator, the Owner will have to revise and resubmit it before it is made public in Collaboratory.

This video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to moderate an activity submitted for publication:

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