Institutional Profiles display a Faculty or Staff member's active, published Activities and Courses.  Members will have an Institutional Profile for each Collaboratory portal to which they belong, and presents a representation of your engagement and service work within the context of your institution. 

To locate Activities or Courses that are in a draft or pending state, check your Member Home. You can also quickly access your content using the My Content dropdown.

Institutional Profiles do not require Moderator review and approval before they are made public.

Your Institutional Profile will not appear publicly in Collaboratory until you have created at least one approved, published Activity that is affiliated with your Profile. Once your Activity has been approved by a Moderator, your Institutional Profile will be visible in public searches.

Institutional Profile vs. Member Home

Members only have one Member Home, which is a Member's personal workspace within Collaboratory, independent of any one institutional portal. Member Home helps users manage submissions and content that may be in a draft or pending state.

Learn more about Member Home here.

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