We recognize that community engagement and public service activities often occur via the curriculum - so Collaboratory enables faculty and staff to identify when their Activity is happening as part of a Course.


We define Courses (and their component Sections) as academic offerings in which students receive academic credit towards an institutional degree or certificate. 

A Course can be made up of multiple Sections. Sections represent Courses throughout time, and are distinguished by the unique combination of Course number, academic year (period), academic term, and section number.

For example - Accounting 101 has taken place every fall for the last 10 years. In Collaboratory, the Course is "Accounting 101 (ACT101)", which contains 10 sections, each of which represents the unique instances of that Course for the last 10 fall semesters. 

An Activity can have multiple Courses and Sections associated with it. If your Activity has taken place as part of a course for the last three years, make sure you identify each unique Section every term, so the Activity accurately reflects these connections.

Adding a Course

Step 1: Navigate to Scholarship

  1. Courses are created as part of Activities.  
  2. To add a Course to an Activity, on step 4 (Scholarship) of the Activity edit flow, identify that Yes, your Activity is directly connected to a credit-bearing Course. 
  3. Select Link Section. 

Step 2: Select or Add a Course

  1. Search for and select an existing Course from the modal. If you do not see your Course, select Don't See it? Add New Course in the top right corner of the modal.
  2. If you are entering a new Course, provide the Course Code, Name, Number, and Level, and identify if the course is cross-listed, and select Next: Add Section. This will create the Course and add it to the modals for others to select in future. 
  3. Search for and select an existing Section from the modal. Remember, Sections represent a Course during a specific term and academic year, so you may need to add a new Section if you do not see yours in the list.
  4. If you are entering a new Section, provide the Section Number, Active Period, and Term and select Add Section. 
  5. For each Course added to an Activity, provide the hours per term enrolled students contribute, the integrated pedagogies, and the student learning objectives addressed. 
  6. You can affiliate multiple Courses with a single Activity by selecting Link Another Section.

Step 3: Publish your Course

  1. When you submit your Activity, any Courses you identified are sent along with it for review and approval by your Collaboratory's Moderators. 
  2. Once the Course is approved, it will be available for the public to view via searches and profiles. You will receive email notifications updating you on this process.
  3. Published Courses must always have at least one Section that is affiliated with an Activity. If you do not see your Course listed on your Activity, your Institutional Profile, or in public searches, make sure it meets these criteria.

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