When you Submit an Activity, it will be sent to portal Administrators for review and approval.  Your Activity will remain private until it is approved and published by a portal Administrator.

You may edit your Activity and re-submit it at any time. Once your Activity is approved by a portal Administrator, subsequent edits will be automatically published.

The Activity View Role Bar offers a quick and easy way to check the status of Activities you have created.

Step 1: Navigate to the Activity

  1. From your Collaboratory homepage, select your institution's logo in the top left-hand corner.
  2. This will open your My Content dropdown.  At the top of the drop down select Activity.
  3. Select the Activity you wish to check the status of.

Step 2: Check the Status of an Activity

View the Activity Role Bar located at the top of the Activity View.  The Role Bar indicates at what stage the activity is in the submission process.

The possible stages are:

  • Awaiting Portal: The Activity is awaiting portal submission.  All required fields must be complete before submitting to a portal Administrator for approval.
  • Pending Publication: The Activity has been submitted for publication.  It is awaiting moderation by a portal Administrator.
  • Published: The Activity is published.  It is live in Collaboratory.

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