Collaboratory makes it possible for you to invite others at your institution to provide information about your community engagement and public service Activities on your behalf. This may include administrative assistants, graduate students, or other faculty/staff members with whom you collaborate. Only Collaboratory Members at your institution can submit information as a Proxy.

Step 1: Invite a Proxy

  1. From your Collaboratory homepage, select Add Activities.
  2. Select Invite a Proxy.
  3. Select an existing Faculty or Staff Member from the modal that you would like to proxy an Activity on your behalf. Selecting the bullseye will display that member's institutional profile in a new browser window for quick review. 
  4. If you do not see the individual for which you are looking, select Don't see them? Invite to register in the top right corner of the modal. 

Provide the name and email of the faculty or staff member you wish to invite and select Invite. This will close the modal and send an email invitation to that individual. Once that individual joins Collaboratory and officially appears in the modal, you will be able to return and ask them to proxy Activities on your behalf.

Step 2: Create Activity

  1. Once you identify your proxy, provide an Activity title, so they know the Activity for which you are requesting assistance and select Continue to Create Activity.
  2. Before your invitation can be completed, you must answer a few questions about your Activity. Select Begin and follow the prompts.
  3. Upon completing the questions, a message will appear notifying you that the invitation has been sent to your Proxy.

The individual identified will receive an email inviting them to enter Collaboratory and complete an Activity on your behalf.  They may then complete the Activity directly for moderation and publication or send it back to you for review and approval.  If they send it back to you, you must approve and submit the activity for moderation before it becomes public.  The proxy retains the ability to edit and/or submit the Activity for publication until it is published.  

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